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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 23, 2014 4:00am-6:01am EST

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toht vehicle sales climbed 15.6 million, the highest level in six years. comparison, i want to show you some stats from a "new york times" piece from last week on the european auto market, the last yearline of 1.7% in the european market was smaller than some analysts had anticipated after a dismal start, the story notes, the december gain of 13.3% from a was the biggest monthly increase since 2009, the european union's new car registrations total about 12 million vehicles for the year, the smallest number since 1995. and the block had about half as many countries. about the u.s.u auto sector. do you think it's the best in the world? if so, why. not, why not? and one other piece i want to today's "quavment times" has an entire section dealing with the washington auto that arepart of separate views from capitol hill
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on the auto industry and the auto parts of industry much here's congressman comments on new innovations that he says will drive the american auto industry, he's from nebraska, he says in his "washington times" that our nation of builders is inding the renaissance american manufacturing and our automobile manufacturers, almost these hard working men and women in all 50 states are illustrating the best america has to offer. throughout the recession we saw drop 50% inuction two years. in 2009, however, automobile manufacturing began to bounce producing 8.7 million vehicles and recouping 100,000 jobs. great progress, lee terry writes, but there is much more work to do. to re: more on his opinions and other members of congress, that's in today's self pieces,imes,"
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in a special section on the washington auto show. our phones. charlie is waiting in heyward, california, owns an american car. charlie, good morning. is the u.s. auto industry the best in the world? caller: well, that's a good question when the amount of into that we're putting hydrogen fuel cells, and i can't even figure out what it's going andost for the hydrogen what kind of hydrogen pressure in those cars, we seem to be spending huge amounts of money to generate these cars and looks carswe're going to have with a tank that holds 10,000 pounds of hydrogen. understand where this is going to go. how do you think the technology advances of other countries compare to the u.s. auto industry? something you follow? and theyes, i do, primary core of the hydrogen the cell technology for past decades has been a huge
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of staket of all kinds holders, so the amount of beentment for a car has absolutely horrendous. the total number of fuel cell iss in california approximately two to 300 total vehicles and we're spending a car in putting in hydrogen fuel stations where the people that drive the car will get free fuel. going to work in the marketplace? that seems to be putting the disadvantage at a in this overall market, putting all of this concentrated effort hydrogen fuel cell that just doesn't make any sense to all. host: charlie in california this morning, as our viewers look at washingtonfrom the auto show. running today through february 2. than 700 new makes and models from over 42 manufacturers are going to be on display at that eight acres
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worth of display at the walter e. washington convention center, not far from capitol hill. u.s. asking you if the auto industry is the best in the world. we want to get your thoughts and segment of our last the "washington june al" today. rhonda is in vancouver, washington, she owns a foreign car. good morning. caller: morning. ahead, you're on q. the washington journal." question was in regards to your article with the spark and how it fared in sub is cans and my question you fine out whether that was whetherctric spark or it was internal combustion spark. because i have two nissan leaves and two corvettes. to corvettes get 30 miles the gallon, and the electric 2.4 miles a kilowatt, so two cents a mile. question. host: that article that you're
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referencing is in today's today" money section, note that just one car among the 2013 and 2014 models tested received an acceptable rating in the test in which a car is hit with the driver's front side corner at 40 miles per hour, it noted the spark was who had the acceptable rating, doesn't say any more about what specific model was tested for you. but that's in the u.s.a. today money, if you want to re: more bit. we're asking you're viewers whether they think the u.s. auto industry is the best in the world. waiting in mount victory, ohio, lowell owns an american car. good morning. morning, john. it was kind of a coincidence here that i have an american it's kind of a coincidence that just when you showed the right front end with some damage on it, that's in a little i did bit of snow here a while ago,
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and i wasn't going fast or a pole, andt i hit it did considerable damage to car. they don't have decent bumpers any more, that's one thing to say. about the, about whether it's the best in the world. it's the only kind that i've ever had. but since the shakeup about 20 years ago or so, i lotk they're getting a better and lasting a lot longer. and there's one thing i would about the other segment. you had a real good show this morning. i liked it all. but then i also wanted to say about the very tiny size and the magnitude of the controls of the cars. the heater, and all of the other things. button with the mirrors and everything else, you know, so they're just too many buttons and too small.
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a pencil to hit because they're so small, especially if you're getting a longer along in life. thank you, john. host: calling in from ohio this morning. the conversation about is the u.s. auto industry the best in happening on our facebook page, catherine writes in, i hate to sound unamerican, but one word, germany. the u.s. auto industry the best in the world, kevin writes in no, the europeans, and now the koreans are producing better looking longer expensive we want to get your thoughts on this question. waiting in massachusetts. joseph owns a foreign car. own?kind of car do you own a bmw, and my bmw.few wars were and i would say that the
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in thence from sitting showroom when i'm buying that years remember about 15 ago my last purchase of a domestic car, i didn't feel good experience, i drove off and i had a terrible time with it. and since then i've purchased cars, and i would say that the biggest challenge that industry has is fighting that perception for the consumer when they are going to buy a car. host: joseph calling from massachusetts this morning. on facebook, "i have only driven american and german cars, likeyou our cars were more german, the drive features and technology bmw, awe day and to mine fast." and ronald below that, that the more intrusive the government the auto industry, the more it fails. u.s. auto industry the best in the world?
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maryland, in waldorf, owns an american car. what kind of car do you own? an f150.ewith no, america definitely does not make the best cars. also to the point the gentleman from the g.m. auto show was vote is not g.m. -- the volt is not g.m.'s first page on electric cars. about 20 years ago they had an electric car and they krawshed -- crushed it. they were at the forefront, but they didn't want that technology to get out to the people. we were just talking about this on a chat site, local space, about american cars. chrysler, for example, has come 200.ith the new it might be an okay car, has a lot of horsepower, but that design looks like something that have been out 20 years ago. a car,ve got to design you might as well make it look good. just because it's inexpensive not mean it doesn't have to look good. so this is not
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g.m.'s first shot at electric it 20 years ago, but they didn't want the technology to get out and toyota jumped on and it that's why toyota is at the forefront right now. will have to rectify that problem. host: darnell from maryland. some stats courtesy of the "financial times" on u.s. car ines and the annual change 2013, this is u.s. car sales as carsight imagine american selling, having the best change termscentage in 2013 in of sales. overall up just under 10%, ford up over 10%. 10% asr up just under well. toyota also up in the united but volkswagen, volvo hyundai, down, losing market hyundai up13, and
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slightly. currency on the financial times. to jim in signal mountain, tennessee, jim owns a foreign car. asking our viewers, is the u.s. auto industry the best in the world what do you think? caller: not in my opinion, it's the worst. jim? why is that, caller: i'm still upset about the fact that they turned to the bludgeon the taxpayers out of money to bail them out, plus the nonsense that theing around bailout saved the auto industry and the employees. have disappeared, bankruptcy doesn't take a curl it up you know, into mid air, it allows the company to reconstruct. in that, they did go through bankruptcy, but the government and saved the union at the cost of the bond holders who were, you know, we had
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bankruptcyes in court that were thrown out, and saved thement employees because they could vote. savehey really didn't them. they would have been working afterwards for who ever bought remainder of the company out of bankruptcy. but i'll never own a general motors car nor a chrysler car that.ecause of host: that's jim calling from signal mountain, tennessee. our facebook page says the only reason that this question that we're talking is becausee ask competition from foreign auto makers making higher quality inferiorforced unionized american auto workers to compete for a share in the market. john is in richfield, ohio, owns an american car. u.s. auto industry the best in the world? caller: absolutely. by ayou buy a car made u.s. made u.a.w. car, you buy a
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the suppliers, you know, the auto workers, about 10%, the suppliers another of the employees, that you know they're going to have a good income with good benefits be there and the pollution, everything is in place. police and levies, fire levies, you have people with good jobs that will vote levies, pay for these things. every time you buy an american car you help your community. to mention that their quality has improved vastly. host: what kind of car do you own? caller: i own a dodge caravan. you always owned an american car? caller: yes. general motors for some time, then i went to chrysler. host: john calling in from ohio. is in charleston, south carolina, owns a foreign car. good morning, what kind of car do you own? caller: oh, good morning. actually my husband drives the nissan and our family is split,
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, and here weillac bmw's,charleston where all you see are big ships putsing the bmw's on the water germany, i guess. but our family is split. retired. i think a lot of families in the united states would buy used we do, and you just buy your best deal. and both the nissan and cadillac are satisfactory to us. call in fromfor south carolina this morning with your thoughts. birch smith on our facebook pain the world, you're going to compare american made japan, ohrerm any, even italian and ask that as a serious question? comparison i'd say we're at least fourth best. let's go to thomas waiting in berlin, wisconsin, owns an car.can thomas, good morning.
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morning, sir, great show. whichestion you asked, is, is it the best vehicle. my point is that that would be everyone isbecause looking for different things in a vehicle. is overall,opinion by far americans are the best. if you can figure out a way to -- to give my problem with the american vehicles and others, economy you save in an and actually in fuel cost, then paying forxes you're or fuel, so the more taxes, the less taxes you're sending in for fuel, so the less taxes they get the more they have to raise the taxes and the people that goinge the cars are not to absorb that cost. so actually the small guy gets again with higher taxes, and
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higher vehiclings, which is a problem in just about everything in the united states builds right now. butover all my opinion is that by far build the best cars and foreign countries, worked on many german machines and other foreign vehicles, their technology is probably borrowed or somehow acquired from the united states to begin with. the americans by far win. host: thomas calling in from we talk about car issues and comparisons to other countries between the u.s. auto industry and others. i want to bring you some stats, monthrom earlier this from delight l.l.p. in its generationing about is a chart that deloitte online. nearly 80,notes that generation y is nearly
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80 million strong and generation will buy 40% of new cars by 2020. ages 19 to they'reey notes that three times more likely than their parents to abandon car costs escalate according to that deloitte survey and more than half of said they expect to drive a vehicle with an alternative engine such as a hybrid electric. go to j.r. in woodlawn, .ennessee caller: i believe it's still one of the best in the world, it's as what itt what s used to be. have hurt theions car industry.
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you go buy a brand-new car today and it costs almost as much as brand-new house costs you, and not quite, but very close to it. and so i believe the unions are the main reason why a car costs .o much i believe that the idea that ford didn't take a bell out but the others did -- a bailout, yet the others did, is pretty amazing. and i think that people ought to be asking that. g.m. took a bailout and they to have one,ght well, why, information didn't get one.'s my comment, thank host: carol says i have had had id american and foreign cars, prefer foreign cars, my infinniti is the best car i've ever had. own a in alaska doesn't car, alfred, good morning to you, your thoughts on the auto
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industry. caller: hello. my whole message is really that reason why they went to no speed bumpers is because they wanted it to fold up like an savedion on both ends and lives somehow. but i partially agree that bumpers should some cases at strong bumper. a host: okay, al free calling in from alaska today. hero joe on our question of is the u.s. auto industry the best in the world, is no such thing as buying american. every car is made from things the world. all are world cars. let's go to steve in seattle, washington, steve owns an american car. steve, good morning. the q. washington journal." caller: good morning. question was, is it comparing
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artery -- ferrari, their standards are far above ours, then you can go to have anyre they don't standards, or they're far below ours. i believe the question is, is the industry better, not whether the car is better. our industry is fine, but we're nowhere near the germans as far as our what we people, what their environmental benefits are. calling in from washington. we want to you keep calling in, we'll keep talking with this "the washington journal." but we want to take you back quickly to the floor of washington auto show, and live there >> we're in the lower level of the washington auto show joined cogan, the publisher of
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the green car journal. welcome. >> thank you. givesry year this journal out an award, most awards deal with the wheels and looks. your award, though, deals on a different level. tell us bit. >> it's the green car technology award. of the do the green car year, that focuses on the vehicle. technologieson the that enable these vehicles to do what they do so well. unsung heros of the advanced technology vehicles on the show floor. when what do you look for you're judging the unsung heros? >> we're looking for things that efficiency,reater or better interaction between a speaks and a driver that to higher efficiency, alternative fuels, hybrid power plug-in power trains, things that give a vehicle the have lower co2 emissions, lower tailpipe emissions, higher fuel efficiency. >> several models out hire, a porsche, but also a cadillac than most, whynt is that?
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>> it's a cadillac elr, it's an extended range electric car, it runs on electricity for the so, and, 37 miles or then the on board internal generator creates electricity that powers the electric motors, so it's unique is an electric car but there are no limitations you're going greater distances, you you put fuel in the tank, it generates electricity on bore. >> seems like we've seen a move away from the boxy types of vehicles that we used to, a lot of interesting body designs out there. what does that say about the future of this market? >> it isn't just about efficiency, it's about creating buy,les people want to that's the thing. so if you have a vehicle that's boxy that's unattractive yet offers great environmental performance, it's going to be sold in much more limited numbers. have taken this mainstream. they've made the vehicles wonderful vehicles that drive really well, but just happen to get extremely high fuel
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efficiency or drive on fuels, that's the win. >> so as far as washington is here, doesince we're washington have a role in all this? >> yeah, i mean, washington really spurred a lot of activity the higher cafe corporate average fuel economy by 2025, fleet wide average has to be 54.5 miles per gallon. huge, i mean that's a huge step from where we are now, and there are increment al steps along the way. that has driven a lot of innovation, because auto makers have to meet that goal. are complaining or have been complaining of what it costs to do that, in the end goal and we'reat seeing amazing vehicles coming out on the road to that goal. are thejournalist, things that washington has done maybe not so good in this market? >> there's plenty of things hasn't done well in this market, i think. but i try to look at the cafeive things, and that's increases and fleet average, that's a good thing. for electric drive
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vehicles, that's a good thing, althoughthe market, that can only stay in place so ing and should only stay place so long. but all these moves by washington are spurring inmo vagues in the auto industry. to go back to the investment in advanced vehicles, advanced technology manufacturing, some things have worked out well, worked out have not well, but the industry is better for it. and drivers are better for it, that investment has come from washington over the years. >> one more question. porsche, aa cadillac, what are the price guzzlingto their gas counterparts? >> they're ways more expensive, lithium ion batteries are more expensive. some speak to the regular line, the 3.0-liter tdi that'siesel engine, maybe, maybe $5,000, or it's a small number higher than the but it getscle, exceptionally high fuel
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efficiency and great performance. ones like the porsche, well, you expensive to are begin with, so a $100,000 porsche that happens to be electric makes sense. a slightlways increase, but not so much in ones like the honda accord hybrid, the plug-in is a little more. but they're always a little more expensive. >> ron cogan, the publisher of the green car journal also award here at the auto show, thanks for your time. on.ppreciate you having me host: and that's the washington place throughng february 2, some 700 new makes display from over 42 manufacturers. we've been giving you interviews morning from the floor of the auto show. but we've got a few minutes left in the "washington journal" today to have our viewers answer question. u.s. auto industry, is it the
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best in the world? a few meant on our facebook sharon says do we still have a u.s. auto industry as it outsideey are all may the u.s. and jim says below that, seems industry, my kia is more american made tonight fords and gm's. on twitter, the u.s. industry is best now, but have always bought u.s.a., don't own when they make what i want and can afford will buy american always. to audrey waiting in hixon, ten seen on our line for american made cars. audrey, what model car do you own? own the 99, we bought new 99 monte carlo. and the transmission went out, the paint started peeling off, other started to happen to the car, it wouldn't pull a hill,
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okay. then 14 year ago, it is won't run.l still won't run at all. we have called the consumer affair, we wrote them numerous letters, we've done everything our power about this car. and we can't seem to get any help. all they owe us is $40,000, for's all we was asking what we paid for the car. host: audrey, how has this feel aboutmade you owning an american car? caller: oh, lord, you just don't know. you don't know how i feel about this car. every time i look at it, it just turns me stomach. to think it was a beautiful and dream.the car of his he loved it, black on black, he it.d host: audrey calling in from tennessee. we've got a few minutes for hear your comments on the u.s. auto industry.
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do you think it's the best in the world? is in wading river, new york, owns a foreign car. good morning. there. hi, host: go ahead. caller: good morning, yes, i truck, i had a 2001 chevy s10 that i kept right lasttil springtime of year. when all the bailout stuff was a lot of the union and their rules and compensation packages were in the national started hearing about people who when there was nothing for them to do they were up forxpected to show work and they were paid to sit in the break room all day. now, i'm a contractor, i run a small business, we don't have a lot of guarantees and my men do very dangerous work. when there's no work or bad weather, we don't work, and around.ays us to sit so i opened up my mind to buying foreign, and when i started around last spring for a new vehicle, nobody was really making small pickup trucks any more, the s10 wasn't made. i decided i was not going to buy
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really makingn't anything. so i had toyota and i had nissan. and i went out and i bought that nissan, why should i be expected to be loyal to g.m., because i'm going to work for my money and give to it a guy that's being paid to sit in the break so i bought a niece soon frontier, and let me tell you, it's twice the truck that chevy great vehicle.a host: matt calling in from new york talking about his experience. facebook page, the u.s. auto industry might be currently the best in the world in our minds, however when the make it here another recession or worse is way.g our and average american writes in on our twitter page, if you count the cars made by american companies in mexico and canada, then the american car industry in themost confused world. let's go to remy in baltimore, maryland, owns a foreign car.
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on. morning, you're caller: good morning, thanks for a couple call, just quick comment. i have a '91 volvo, 240. was a vw passat. and what i've noticed over the is basically what the three manufacturers did, general motors, ford and chrysler, if look back, you've got ford because volvoolvo wasn't getting a market share i guess back in the 90's, and into thewas running same problem. and the problem they were running into was that these automobile manufacturers were too rough, but information managed to take chrysler took and mercedes, and showed them how to these automobiles where ory become either perceived
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obsolescent in order to get that market share back. and you see that take place even, the manufacturers of the american automobiles, they tot to take and continue build automobiles that you're going to be going out and replacing, either because you perceive it to be obsolete or it becomes obsolete because of the computer technology that goes into it. remy from baltimore. john is calling in from illinois our line for folks who own american made cars. john, good morning. caller: good morning. host: your thoughts, is the u.s. auto industry the best in the world? are.r: yes, they for 13 '94 silverado years, i sold it and bought all had a prompto, i with the instrument clusser and the dealership said -- an, andk had low mile they said i was out of my time frame on the warranty but the mileage was good. motors, toldeneral them and they backed it up, they
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problem. of the and i was glad for that, general motors stood behind their product. thing is i'm an electronics technician and i computers.motive these people are buying to the technology that america does. trucks use ford computers. toyotas use general motors computers. lamborghinis use chrysler trucks use board don't realize computers. lamborghinis used chrysler computers. people do not realize that foreign trucks and cars use the shirttails of american technology. host: our last caller today on the "
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